Jamaica Creative Writing and Yoga Oct 29-Nov 5, 2016

International Creative Writing & Yoga Retreat
Bromley Estate, Jamaica
October 29 – November 5 2016

Join us in Jamaica for a week of guided writing and gentle yoga at the Bromley Estate .
Start your day with a restful Hatha Yoga class. Spend the mornings and some evenings in writing sessions with inspiring prompts and creative exercises to rouse the muse. Share your writing in a safe and supportive group with positive, constructive feedback. During afternoon excursions, experience the culture of Jamaica, the white sandy beaches, rest in a hammock, or lounge by the pool on the estate.
Enrollment is limited.

We will do everything we can to meet your expectations for a beautiful, inspiring, and rejuvenating experience. While we will offer three to four hours of structured yoga, writing and meditation practices each day, we want to assure you that this is your week to use in the best possible way for you.

Please don’t worry if you are inexperienced as a writer and/or as a yoga practitioner. Our retreats have included people with a wide range of yoga and writing experience and skill levels, from beginners to professionals. You will have opportunities to share what you have just written, and to respond to the writing of others with what is fresh, what you like, what you remember.

Retreat Includes:

Cost of registration from $1750-$2100 USD depending on room selection, single supplement extra.
• Our rates include:
• All accommodations
• All Ground transportation (1 time ONLY airport pick up & delivery shuttle)
• 3 meals a day
• 3 – 4 excursions
• To register, contact Jane at info@janemortifee.com

Workshop Leaders


Jacqueline Sheehan

Jacqueline Sheehan, Ph.D., is a psychologist and NY Times bestselling author of The Comet’s Tale, Lost & Found, Now & Then, and Picture This. Her most recent novel, The Center of the World, was published in 2016. She edited the anthology, Women Writing in Prison. Jacqueline was awarded residencies at Hawthornden Castle in Scotland and Jentel Arts Colony in Wyoming. She teaches workshops at Grub Street in Boston, Writers in Progress in Florence, Massachusetts, Mass Media in Maine and such far flung places as Guatemala, Jamaica, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.


Jane Mortifee

Jane Mortifee is a writer, singer and actor, in addition to being a gifted yoga instructor. She is currently working on her second novel and greatly appreciates the safe and supportive environment of the creative writing/yoga retreats that provide the opportunity for the muse to come forward. Her dream is to continue to travel the world going from one such retreat to another, as when she is at home her level of procrastination when it comes to writing is impressive!

Jane Mortifee has an AWA certification in leading writing groups and the RYT 500 yoga certification. Her approach is to make yoga safe and accessible for practitioners of all levels. She has studied various forms of meditation, focusing on Tibetan Buddhism for many years. Yoga is a constant companion.
Find Jane and her CDs at www.janemortifee.com/ 


Transportation from Ocho Rios Airport:

You will need to fly into Ocho Rios airport in Jamaica. Transportation from the Ocho Rios airport is provided by Bromley. They will make one trip only to the airport so it is important that we coordinate our arrivals to the airport at Ocho Rios. After you register, send us your travel plans as soon as possible.

If you plan on extending your trip either at the beginning or the end of the retreat, please let us know, as it will help us plan transportation.


Our excursions are unique and are an opportunity for our guests to enjoy Jamaica’s beautiful white sand beaches and sparkling waters. They include visits to private beaches, coves, and waterfalls. We also visit one of the island’s most celebrated artists at her country home and gallery where we hike down a gorge to swim in the headwaters of the White River, followed by tea and personal tour of her galleries.

The cuisine, created from Jamaica’s unique fruits and vegetables is available three times a day. Fresh fish and chicken are available. There is a small cash bar. If you love a special tea, or prefer decaf coffee, please bring your own.
Please let us know if you have particular dietary needs.


Food is an integral part of our retreat experience, intended to be nourishing and inspiring. We seek to serve plentiful, organic where possible, vegan and vegetarian meals inspired by Jamaican flavors and favorites. Bromley offers its guests some of its own special house recipes. We have the luxury of having local organic farmers deliver to our door.

The day begins with coffee/tea & a light snack before yoga, followed by a large breakfast of fruit, homemade granola, a variety of pancakes, breads, fresh local eggs, or our own coconut almond milk oats.

Lunches typically feature salads, a range of homemade hummus, and/or one of the legendary house soups (pumpkin – quinoa & black bean – spicy pepperpot).

Dinners include a special pumpkin-callaloo lasagna, Jamaican style curries, jerk vegetable pastas, or spicy lentil/kale burgers accompanied with a plentiful array of local vegetables and salads, grains or potatoes. We also serve a range of homemade fruit sorbets, raw chocolate treats, and vegan delights as well as Bromley’s own chocolate, guava/apple crumble and chocolate coconut chia pudding.


While Bromley is happy to accommodate gluten free preferences and nut allergies, it is a small kitchen and CANNOT accommodate those who cannot eat onions.

For writing: Bring your notebook or pads and extra pens. If you write on a laptop, bring extra batteries in case the electricity fails.

For yoga: Comfortable clothes that allow flexible movement. Sticky mats are available at the retreat center.

Money: It is not necessary to change money. While Jamaica has their own currency, the US dollar is widely accepted.

Optional expenses: You may have opportunities to buy from local artisans. Body work can also be arranged at the estate at your expense.

Check list: suggestions of what to bring–but remember, less is more

In November, the temperature ranges from mid 70’s to mid 80’s, so choose your clothes accordingly. The Bromley estate is several miles inland and at a slightly higher elevation, so their temps may be a bit lower.

___Passport and a copy of it, also copies of your airline ticket and other form of ID
___Extra spending money for local art, body work, or personal extras
___Fleece jacket or light sweater, just in case
___Shorts/light pants
___Baggy pants or comfortable skirts
___Loose-fitting clothing for yoga practice
___Sandals (rubber soled, like Tevas, work well)
___Sneakers &/or walking shoes or sport sandals
___Bathing suit and cover up
___Hat or cap
___Sunscreen and lip balm
___Insect repellent
___Vitamins, food supplements, meds
___Decaf coffee or decaf black tea or other special teas
___Dried fruit, nuts, energy bars
___Snack for airplane and shuttle rides
___Camera and extra battery
___Flashlight and extra batteries
___Notebook & pens/laptop
___Musical instruments, books, paints, etc.

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions, or requests–and, if you have not done so already, please send your flight schedule and any special needs to Jane or Jacqueline. We look forward to a wonderful time with you in Jamaica. Jac.sheehan@comcast.net info@janemortifee.com
Jacqueline Sheehan & Jane Mortifee